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1. Recruitment
Dave Conlon, Royce Group Ltd, HVAC Contractors
"From our own experience we would happily recommend Thornhills recruitment services to others. We were employing our first account manager and were naturally concerned to get it right. Thornhills listened to what we wanted and used their skills in assessment to narrow down the field and saved us interviewing time by presenting us with a short list of finalists. We are very happy with the result.

Jim Golby, HR Manager, Merck Pharmaceuticals
"Thornhills do provide an above average quality of candidate and this has manifested itself in the number of Thornhills candidates who have successfully joined Merck."

David Garmon-Jones, Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Sales Managers Group.
" When you are presenting to a room full of Pharma Sales Directors, it is a challenge to say something new about recruitment. James Thornhill managed this at the Autumn meeting of the PSMG. His talk on Mapping was novel, stimulating and it generated a lot of interested questions from the audience.'

2. Development
Rob McNamara
National Sales Manager, GasForce Technical Services, National Gas appliance contractor
Thornhills expertise has helped us to understand what high performers do differently from others that actually helps their performance. This has manifested itself in the number of The Thornhills endorsed candidates who have successfully joined GasForce. From a coaching standpoint, it has also helped us to understand what the sales engineers need to focus on in the field.

Ralph Ellis, former Chairman of British Gas and Chairman of South London TEC
Careers and relationships are about hard work and ability, but especially about fit. People, and their companies have a huge advantage, and a vital tool, if they understand this and discuss it between themselves.

Using this tool, they can succeed, and be happier, with less stress and less waste. In some ways it is complex, but the essential concept is remarkably simple and easy to harness.

Ian Froggatt , Director, Sales Development and Strategy, IMS Health, Europe
“…the top performer initiative met all its success criteria. It added real value at a Corporate and individual level and MAP was seen as a key element in driving the overall success. I therefore strongly recommend that anyone undertaking a development or recruitment initiative at least review what The Thornhills have to offer”.

3. Teamworking

Deryk King – Managing Director, PowerGen
“I have been using MAP for over 6 years…one of the benefits has been to be able to understand the team strengths and deficiencies and take measures to compensate for these, leading to a better and more rounded team performance.”

Mike Welch, Managing Director, Terra Nitrogen (UK) Ltd
“It has given us tremendous cohesion and I do not think that this would have been so evident if we had tried to succeed without the benefit of this profiling.”

Dave Smith, Business Director, ICI Polyester, Hong Kong
“Our effectiveness in team working and our quality of decision making have improved considerably as a result."

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