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Case Studies

Connaught, a facilities management group, and Geopost, a distribution and logistics company, are two companies that have gone on to apply our research findings. They have improved the performance of their salespeople by implementing recruitment and development programmes based on Biometric Profiling. Click on their logos to read their case studies.



We have interviewed more than 200 salespeople for our research. We have identified aptitudes, or natural abilities, common to high performers. Find out more about these aptitudes and how these aptitudes are utilised by high performers during the sales process. Click on the headings below to read the full article.

Train your body to improve sales – Nov 2003
Training your body can improve your sales performance just as much as training your mind.

Learning from High Performers – Oct 2003
Find out how high performing pharmaceutical business developers get access to decision makers and influencers in the NHS. Are there any learnings that you can apply to your company?