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Connaught PLC Case Study

Connaught plc uses the results of high performer research to improve the performance of its sales engineers

The company

GasForce is the largest UK ‘one stop’ shop specialist in the design, installation and maintenance of gas fired appliances in commercial, industrial and public service premises. They have 60,000 customers serviced by 400 employees including a service team of 250 fully trained gas appliance technicians. GasForce are part of the award winning facilities management group Connaught plc.

The problem

Originally an employee buyout of the loss making industrial and commercial service and maintenance division of British Gas, Director John Ord knew he needed to create a more customer focused and competitive team of sales engineers for his division to succeed.

John participated in the high performer research which showed that, using Biometric Profiling, development could be targeted very precisely on what would improve performance in a job role. This was done by identifying the gap between the natural aptitudes of the individual and those of high performers in the same role.

The solution

The aptitudes that differentiated high from lower performance in the sales engineer’s role were identified by research and the three regional teams of sales engineers were measured against a performance ‘template’ to identify development areas.

Development feedbacks to the individual and their National Sales manager Rob McNamara were provided resulting in agreed Individual Development Plans to compensate for any areas within the template with low natural aptitude. Rob focused his coaching and review in the field on the individual’s Development Plan.


On a year to year basis, the average performance of the sales team improved by 27% within 3 months of the coaching beginning and 21% by the year end. Middle and low performers improved by 24% to more than 300%. Coaching, based on Biometric profiling against a high performance template, has become established practise within the sales team for new as well as existing sales engineers. Over the three years since the initiative began the sales team performance has increased by 59%, the bulk of which John Ord puts down to this new approach.

Commented John: “It is not a blanket approach. It starts with the natural motivations of the individual, i.e. what they like doing best. It is also a life learning experience that has the basis to apply to all aspects of the individual’s future development.

Rob added: “From a coaching standpoint, the approach has helped me to understand what others need to focus on.”

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