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About Huthwaite International

Huthwaite International is one of the world’s foremost sales improvement specialists. From Huthwaite International's early days as Huthwaite Research Group, research has been at the heart of everything they do. Twenty-five years ago Huthwaite Research Group started the most comprehensive research project into high performance in selling. They identified the behaviours associated with successful selling and designed solutions to improve companies performance based on these behaviours.

The value Huthwaite International adds to the High Performer Research

We at The Thornhill Consultancy can learn from Huthwaite International’s experience in sales research. Their research examined the behaviour used in successful sales calls. Our research is investigating the aptitudes or natural abilities of high performance in selling. Aptitude is one of the key determinants of behaviour in selling. The others being knowledge and skill. With a combined insight into behaviour and aptitude, this will allow us both to develop a more customised package of sales improvement solutions.

Next Steps…

We are both focused on encouraging companies to join the research so that we can learn more about high performers in different sales roles and industries.

For more information on The Thornhill Consultancy’s partnership with Huthwaite International, please contact Linda Marsh at Huthwaite on +44 (0)1709 710081 or James Thornhill at The Thornhill Consultancy on +44 (0)1159 568494.

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